Just Jewels

Just Jewels Slot Online Game

The Just Jewels Slot is an online machine game. It is a casino game that players around the world can play after free registration. There exist different kinds of Just Jewels game machines built by Novomatic. The most common version of the game is the Classic Jewels Slot Machine. The Online Just Jewels game is a family game that young people will not find it difficult to play, and all that is needed is a computer and an Internet connection.

This machine is a one-armed bandit slot machine that needs to be pulled to start playing. As features, the game offers different kinds of diamond, it is rather easy to play and the main advantage is that it is a free game easily accessible online. The Classic version of Just Jewels Slot which is most popular one, is favored to the other versions because it is less complicated. It is a three lined slot only compared to the new ones with nine to ten slots that thus reduce the chance of winning.

To start the game, players have only to click on the start button on the Just Jewels Slot machine to access to the Internet website. As soon as the player clicks on Start, sum of thirty dollars is automatically credited. A square form picture and the following applications of slot machine are: three “Hold” buttons and another one labeled “Bet”. Owing to the visual display screen, the player knows the sum he is betting and the amount he wins. The betting sum can be increased up to a limit of four dollars per spin and consequently, the winning amount rises. The “Bet” labeled button is of course used to increase the betting sum.

The winning formula is not complicated at all since all the details are displayed on the visual screen. With two similar jewels, one on the right side and the other on the left side, a winning sum inferior to that of three similar jewels is credited to the player. To be able to have the three similar jewels aligned, the player needs to either make appeal to the “Hold” button or just pull the arm. In addition to the three similar jewels, the lucky player who gets all the nine diamonds lighted during the game earns a bonus on top of the sum gained. The minimum credit needed to start Just Jewels Slot is of thirty dollars but the advantage is that even after losing the entire betting sum, the game can be restarted without any hesitation.

This game is a distressing game which can be played at home, at the office or even if the player is out of the country, which is advantageous to mostly all the players of this online game. There are other options on the Novaline New Just Jewels game machine that provides to the players the possibility to choose to play different kinds of spins with different bets. Besides, players can also add a game of Blackjack on the same machine and play Just Jewels Slot with another player.